Chasing Papers: Postcard no. 5

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Shredded bills were used to make these paper postcards. They are embedded with shards of plastic from an old insurance card and an expired credit card. Tinted slightly blue from the ink of the bills some of the postcards have traces of watermarks from envelopes and some have typed text that is left over from undissolved ink.

Painted marks that connect them as if they were one piece of paper. Together they form a family, a connected series. At one point the series was stitched together to create a continuous green threaded line, but they can’t be sent as postcards all as one, they must to be separated.

I wonder where they will go, who they will reach and what they will say.

Medium: discarded bills and plastic cards, acrylic and thread

Dimensions: 4 in. x 6.25 in.

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