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Sibling Weazel Moment

Sibling Weazel Moment

Medium: Acrylic & Gouache on board

Size: 2.5 x 1.5 ft.

This painting was a moment in time that reflects the relationship between my brothers and I.

My favorite moments are with my brothers, drawing, listening to music and catching up on life. Just the four of us, without the parental gaze. Talking about our lives, our upcoming projects, ideas, or family stories.

This particular moment was my last trip to Arkansas, 6 hours before my flight back to Portland, and we were getting tattooed. Sleep deprived, but listening to each other, drawing for each other and marking this moment in time on our bodies and our minds. Our own rituals that honor each other and show our love for each other.

As the only sister, these are moments I cherish that show tenderness, care, and emotional exchange.

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