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We Are Home

"We are Home, Existing is Home, Interacting is Comfort"


48 x 9.5 in.

pen & ink, collage, resin and cross stitched thread on board

We all exist in our bodies.

Our body should feel like home.

No matter where we are,

No matter who we are with.

We should constantly feel like we’re home

existing safe and free.

Interacting with other bodies should feel

secure and comfortable.

Some homes learned to make others feel comfortable with their presence.

They knew to shift for the comfort of others

contourting, bending, constantly repositioning themselves.

But existing to them, wasn’t comfortable.

And the constant shifts didn’t make for a stable foundation.

Over time they learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Comfortable with the contours of the distorted.

These homes weren’t meant to be contained in their neighborhood.

Neighborhoods with rules and regulations that didn’t allow them to be themselves.

But the homes weren’t mobile and they didn’t want to leave.

They had learned something that should have never been taught.

They had learned something that had poisoned the soil.

One day, these homes decided to be fully comfortable.

These homes took the true size and shape that they needed.

They took up the space that they needed in order to be.

They shifted their foundation, they grounded themselves deeper

They became their true selves.

These homes became distinctive, remarkable, notable and free.

The neighboring homes noticed.

They too began to shift their frames, also realizing who they truly wanted to be.

The neighborhood changed, It became colorful, liberated and free.

We are Home

Existing is Home

Interacting is Comfort

This piece was made as a reminder that we need to live our most comfortable selves.

We should learn to be comfortable with our true selves and shouldn’t learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I believe this phrase can intersect with everyone. From a young age, we have all been taught gender roles, social norms, hetero-normative values and values prioritizing white supremacy that have constrained us from being our most unique selves. It has been damaging to ourselves, our communities and our youth. However, the feeling of home should run through us at all times and interacting with other bodies should feel comforting.

I want to raffle this piece off to benefit Intransitive because to me, Intransitive has been doing the work to make this phrase become a reality. They have been doing the work to include everyone. Because trans rights are everyone’s rights. We should all have the right to wake up each morning and be who we truly want to be. An organization that understands intersectionality and believes in the support of the community.

Although I currently reside in Oregon, Arkansas has been and continues to be my home. This is where I arrived with my family, this is where I grew up, and this is where I yearn to return. However, Arkansas has not always been so nice. As I watch from afar, I am disheartened and ashamed of Arkansas’ introduced legislation and what it continues to perpetuate; carelessness for our youth and disregard for trans lives. As an Arkansan at heart I want to see the youth of my state feel supported. I believe Intransitive is doing the work to make this happen.

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