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Mis Lágrimas Saben a Limón: Intro to Objects with a Story

A memory of when I was four years old and still living in Mexico still bears with me. I remember this particular time I was crying. Trying to console me, my older brother wiped my tears, pretended to taste them and said, “Umm, tus lágrimas saben a limón”, (your tears taste like lemon). I don't remember why I was crying, but I remember his actions and words made me laugh and made feel better.

As I think about this past year, I think about the sour, sharp and tangy tears we've shed. Whether it was because of the pandemic, the fires, lack of seeing loved ones or social and political injustices. We're all still experiencing it.

With so many changes and challenges, I'm working to realign and question what is really important to me and what is worth my time and energy. In the mist of chaos and routine I found myself unrooted and I needed to work on re-grounding myself and my practice.

The sour tears that we might have shed may have hurt in the process, but were signs of feeling and processing. Those wet tangy tears were doing the work of watering ourselves to our roots again. To remind us that we need to be grounded in order to bloom.

I invite you to join me in my journey to ground and grow. Together we can taste our tears and remind ourselves that they taste like fruit in the making.

Each month I will be posting a new story paired with an object, "Objects with a Story". I am committing to make a series of 5-10 objects each month. Though I am not sure what will come about each month, I think it's important to challenge myself to be vulnerable in the process, while also realizing that I think with my hands. Some objects may be fails, some may become masterpieces, but all will be focused on narrative and re-grounding.

Though there is a lot of uncertainty for me with this project, I believe it's important to share our stories. My hope is to find connection and hopefully you will want to share stories with me, as well.

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